Sunflower Sue Poem by Edna Gearhart

Happy go lucky, Sunflower Sue,
Her mammy calls her Susy Lou.
She helps her daddy plant and hoe
The sweet potatoes in a row,
The melons, corn, and sugar cane,
The yellow sunflowers in the lane.
When summer days are warm and long,
She comes a'marching with a song;

I likes to eat and laugh and dance;
I like to shuffle, whirl and prance.
But when I'se big I'se gwine to be
The finest lady you could see.
Dressed like the sunflowers in our lane,
More stylish than the corn and cane.
In bright green skirts and yellow hat,
I'll dance all day and laugh and chat
With black birds, bumble bees and crows
Who come a'courting as my beaus.
I'll never dig, I'll never hoe,
Nor plant potatoes in a row.
And I'll be called Celestial Sue
Belinga Rose Eliza Lou