American Arts & Crafts Tile and Faience Collection

The Two Red Roses Foundation Tile and Faience collection includes outstanding examples of the best early 20th-century tiles and faience-from single pieces, large and small, to running friezes, fireplaces, panels, and entire room and outdoor installations. While reflecting more of a personal taste rather than a comprehensive or encyclopedic collection, these objects provide a framework for examining the design, production, and use of tiles that occurred during the period between the highly mechanized manufacturers of the 19th century and post-World War II independent studio artists, when traditional craftsmanship and collaborative production were paramount. The tile makers and designers represented in the Two Red Roses Foundation collection include Henry Doulton & Company, Mosaic Tile Company, J. B. Owens Floor and Wall Tile Company, Grueby Faience & Tile Company, Hartford Faience Company, Rookwood Pottery Company, Marblehead Potteries, and Saturday Evening Girls.

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