American Arts & Crafts Photography Collection

The Two Red Roses Foundation currently holds in excess of 250 photographic prints. They are primarily hand-pulled, tipped-in photogravures, as well as platinum, gum bichromate, bromoil, and silver gelatin prints. The collection focuses on works from major European and American pictorialists from 1880-1920, in addition to photographers who were part of the Photo-Secession movement from the early 20th century, and whose work was regularly published in periodicals like Camera Notes and Camera Work, both edited by Alfred Stieglitz. Some of the photographers included in the collection are Peter Henry Emerson, Alvin Langdon Coburn, Gertrude Käsabier, Clarence H. White, Emile Constant Puyo, Heinrich Kuhn, Robert Demachy, George H. Seeley, Arthur Wesley Dow, Edward Steichen, and Alfred Stieglitz. Below are several examples.

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