Desired Books

Sedding, J D Art and Handicraft (London 1893)
Arts and Crafts Exhibition Society Art and Life, and the Building and Decoration of Cities, a series of lectures delivered at the fifth exhibition of the society in 1896 (London, 1897)
Gordon Bowe, Nicola (ed) Art and the National Dream: The Search for Vernacular Expression in Turn of the Century Design (Dublin, 1993)
Ogata, Amy Art Nouveau and the Social Vision of Modern Living: Belgian Artists in a European Context (Cambridge, 2001)
Weisberg, Gabriel and Menon, Elizabeth K Art Nouveau: A Research Guide for Design Reform in France, Belgium, England and the United States (New York, 1998)
Gere, Charlotte and Munn, Geoffrey C Artist's Jewellery: Pre-Raphaelite to Arts and Crafts(Woodbridge, Suffolk, 1989)
Morris, William Arts and Crafts Essays (London, 1899)
Hitchmough, Wendy Arts and Crafts Gardens(London, 1997)
Cumming, Elizabeth Arts and Crafts in Edinburgh 1880-1930 (Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh, exhib cat, 1985)
Haigh, Diane Baillie Scott: The Artistic House (London, 1995)
Crawford, Alan (ed) By Hammer and Hand: The Arts and Crafts Movement in Birmingham (Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery, exhib cat, 1994)
Arts and Crafts Exhibition Society Catalogues of the Exhibitions (London, 1888-1916)
Hitchmough, Wendy CFA Voysey (London, 1995)
Crawford, Alan Charles Rennie Mackintosh (London, 1995)
Snodin, Michael and Stavenow-Hidemark, Elisabet Carl and Karin Larsson Creators of the Swedish Style (London, 1997)
Muthesius, H Das englische Haus (Berlin, 1904-5; abridged English translation of 2nd edn, ed D Sharpe, London, 1979)
Noever, Peter (ed) Der Preis der Schonheit 100 Jahre Wiener Werkstätte (MAK, Vienna, exhib cat, 2004)
Kaplan, Wendy (ed) Designing Modernity: The Arts of Reform and Persuasion 1885-1945 (The Wolfsonian - Florida International University, Miami Beach, Florida, exhib cat, 995)
Kaplan, Wendy et al Encyclopaedia of Arts and Crafts: The International Arts Movement 1850-1920 (London, 1989)
Bergesen, Victoria Encyclopaedia of British Art Pottery 1870-1920 (London, 1991)
Livingstone, Karen Essential Arts and Crafts (London 2005)
Victoria and Albert Museum Exhibition of Victorian and Edwardian Decorative Arts (Victoria and Albert Museum, London, exhib cat, 1952)
Crane, Walter From William Morris to Whistler (London, 1911)
Burkhauser, Jude (ed) 'Glasgow Girls': Women in Art and Design, 1880-1920 (Glasgow School of Art, exhib cat, 1990)
Mackmurdo, AH 'History of the Arts and Crafts Movement' (unpublished manuscript, William Morris Gallery, Walthamstow)
Baillie Scott, MH Houses and Gardens Arts and Crafts Interiors (Woodbridge, 1995; originally published 1906)
Stedelijk Museum Industry & Design in the Netherlands 1850-1950 (Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, exhib cat 1986)
Kikuchi, Yuko Japanese Modernisation and Mingei Theory: Cultural Nationalism and Oriental Orientalism (London, 2004)
Faulkner, Rupert Japanese Studio Crafts (London, 1995)
De Bois, M Chris Lebeau 1878-1945 (Drents Museum, Assen Frans Hals Museum, Haarlem, exhib cat, 1987)
Victoria and Albert Museum Liberty's 1875-1975 (Victoria and Albert Museum, London, exhib cat, 1975)
Savage, Peter Lorimer and the Edinburgh Craft Designers (Edinburgh, 1980)
Triggs, Oscar Lovell Chapters in the History of the Arts and Crafts Movement (Chicago, 1902)
Ulmer, Renate Museum Kunstlerkolonie Darmstadt (Darmstadt 1990)
Denker, Bert and Robertson, Cheryl New Perspectives on the American Arts and Crafts Movement (Winterthur, DE, 1991)
Price, Renee (ed) New Worlds: German and Austrian Art 1890-1940 (Neue Galerie, New York, exhib cat, 2002)
Brohan–Museum Now the Light Comes from the North: Art Nouveau in Finland (Brohan-Museum, Berlin, exhib cat, 2002)
Arts and Crafts Exhibition Society Papers (1886-1977) Archive of Art and Design (AAD), Victoria and Albert Museum
Lethaby, WR Philip Webb and His Work (Oxford, 1935)
Cumming, Elizabeth Phoebe Anna Traquair (Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh, exhib cat, 1993)
Kirk, Sheila Philip Webb Pioneer of Arts and Crafts Architecture (Chichester, 2004)
Stansky, Peter Redesigning the World: William Morris, the 1880s, and the Arts and Crafts (Princeton, NJ, 1985)
Cunningham, Patricia Reforming Women's Fashion, 1850-1920 (Kent, OH, 2003)
Kikuchi, Yuko and Watanabe, Toshio Ruskin in Japan 1890-1940: Nature for Art, Art for Life (Tokyo, 1997)
Carruthers, Annette and Greensted, Mary (eds) Simplicity or Splendour Arts and Crafts Living: Objects from the Cheltenham Collections (Cheltenham and London, 1999)
Stavenow-Hidemark, Elisabet Sub Rosa: Nar skonheten kom fran England(Stockholm, 1991)
Hitchmough, Wendy The Arts and Crafts Home (London, 2000)
Tinniswood, Adrian The Arts and Crafts House (London, 1999)
Larmour, Paul The Arts and Crafts Movement in Ireland(Belfast, 1992)
Calhoun, Ann The Arts and Crafts Movement in New Zealand 1870-1940 (Auckland, 2000)
Naylor, Gillian The Arts and Crafts Movement: A Study of its Sources, Ideals and Influence on Design Theory (London, 1971)
Gordon Bowe, Nicola, and Cumming, Elizabeth The Arts and Crafts Movements in Dublin& Edinburgh, 1885-1925 (Dublin, 1998)
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Ruskin, John The Stones of Venice, 3 vols (London, 1851-3)
De Waal, Edmund, Faulkner, R et al Timeless Beauty: Traditional Japanese Art from the Montgomery Collection (Milan, 2002)
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MacCarthy, Fiona William Morris: A Life for our Time (London 1994)
Thompson, EP William Morris: Romantic to Revolutionary (London, 1955)
Elliott, Bridget and Helland, Janice (eds) Women Artists and the Decorative Arts 1880-1935: The Gender of Ornament (Aldershot, 2002)