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Beautiful, Useful, Inevitable: Arts & Crafts Lighting from the Two Red Roses Foundation

By: David Cathers

Condition: New, Hardcover, Sealed

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Among the rich and varied holdings in the Two Red Roses Collection of American Arts and Crafts objects is a group of electric light fixtures from the early twentieth century. Eighty-five of these outstanding objects are reproduced here and represent some of the most well known designers, artisans, architects, and firms of the time, including Elizabeth Eaton Burton, the Craftsman Workshops, Fulper Pottery Company, Greene & Greene, the Grueby Faience Company, George W. Maher, the Roycroft Shop, Louis H. Sullivan, and Dirk van Erp.

"Beautiful, Useful, Inevitable": Arts and Crafts Lighting from the Two Red Roses Foundation examines not only the social and economic aspects of the advent of electric lighting, but also the varied responses from craftsmen to this liberating new lighting source.

Lavishly illustrated with more than one hundred color plates, many of the fixtures are displayed in detail, often accompanied by design drawings, blueprints, and advertisements by the firms in leading architectural and building publications, interior design magazines, and even engineering journals of the day.