This priceless collection of archival materials spanning more than 3 decades is the generous gift of Mr. Baggs' granddaughters, Ms. Laura Bretas and her sister, Sarah Saleh to whom the Two Red Roses Foundation is forever grateful. This large and varied assemblage of materials was painstakingly organized for the Baggs family by Ms. Susan Montgomery, Ph.D., in Massachusetts and then delivered to Rago's Auctions in Lambertville, NJ. The auction house selected some of this archival material, primarily drawings and watercolors, to be auctioned off in their March 2008 sale. TRRF made a commitment to reunite the material being offered for sale with the rest of the archives and purchased at auction all these lots. The archives are now reunited.

Several years after the initial inventory was created by Susan Montgomery, which had been organized in groups ranging from LTB1 through LTB96, each group being described in a summary way, we utilized the efforts of our Registrar to actually look at each LTB group and detail, item by item, its content. The detailed LTB inventory list can be found here.

We decided that we should list seperately books, catalogs, magazines, and periodicals found in the Baggs archives.